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Everest Realty deals with real estate brokerage with the utmost seriousness and competence.

Services available to our customers:

If you sell a property we have available services for our forty years of experience:

  • a free estimate of your home that helps you determine the value of sales in line with the market area
  • deciding to trust us, you'll have to sell targeted advertising on the major magazines, the best real estate sites and local television networks, in addition to established clients who rely on us with confidence that we have earned over the years.
  • will be followed by a real estate agent expert in every part of the negotiation, the submission of a written proposal to the time of signature of the notarial deed

If you buy a property by contacting us you can:

  • Review and receive the documents relating to housing solutions that best corresponds to your needs;
  • make your bid by filling out a written, clear and transparent, using the forms in our office.
  • if you can find with us the solution for you, but first you have to sell your home, we will assist you in selling recommending the best strategy to achieve your goal in the shortest possible time and in the manner most convenient for you.
  • get free estimates on the cost of the acquisition notary and a possible loan
  • have trusted the advice of professionals, in our office, you can submit the best financial proposals if you were to turn on a loan for the purchase

Our services:

  • Free valuation
  • Technical assistance
  • Notary Service
  • Surveys cadastral and mortgage
  • Advice on mortgages
  • Writing and recording contracts
  • APE certified energy performance
  • Investment Property
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